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Wasps are notorious for spoiling days out together, pub lunches, local park visits, family barbecues or trips to the coast can all lead to misery when one of us gets stung, especially if its a young child. Wasps will feed on anything sweet and forage on a three mile radius.

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In order to control wasps and hornets their colonies have to be eradicated, their nests can grow to incredible sizes. Many wasp nests are larger than an average sized three seater settee. The queen wasp spends the majority of her life laying egg after egg which in time will develop into mature wasps, without control a wasp epidemic would follow. Wasptec can offer a completely safe and humane service helping with wasp and hornet infestations.

Wasptec are fully licensed , and have 26 years practical experience dealing with pests such as bees, wasps and hornets, we are locally based and offer a quick resolve, we are fully insured, 100% guaranteed and offer our service to both domestic and commercial markets.


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Wasp Nest Removal Coulsdon

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Wasp Nest Removal

The Queen wasp can decide
upon the sex of
her offspring


Hornet Control Coulsdon

Vespa Crabro, European Hornet
Vespa Velutina is
the Asian Hornet


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Bees will often land in
trees, bushes and
in chimney stacks


Wasp Nest Removal Coulsdon and Purley

Wasp Nest Removal Facts
German or European wasps are by far the most common throughout Coulsdon, nesting in sheds, lofts, under tiles and in fascias these wasps can cause damage to your property as they expand their colony.

The Common wasp however is more likely to attack, their colonies are built below ground level and are very hard to spot. The faintest of vibrations can alert wasps and they will emerge in large quantities to protect their queen.

Wasp Nest Removal Coulsdon

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Wasptec are a very experienced company and have 26 years worth of knowledge behind us, we know the chemicals used inside out, how to apply them and how to keep other insect and animal species safe whilst doing so. Liberal spraying is not necessary and the treatment should only go into the entry point of the wasp and nowhere else. Wasps do need to be controlled but other insects and wildlife should always be protected.

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The Asian Tree Bumblebee (Bombus Hypnorum) is quickly making a name for itself as being the most aggressive bumblebee in the United Kingdom. Since its arrival in 2012 this bee has over populated and British native bees are suffering because of this domination. Food source is scarce for bees so this new arrival is not welcome, found in loft spaces and under fascia boards Tree bumbles do need to be controlled.

Asian Hornets (Vespa Velutina) are probably the most feared of all hornet species and they have now been found nesting in the UK, like most invasions of non native insects they can spread rapidly so be aware of this type of hornet.

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Anaphylaxis is a serious respiratory ailment that can be caused by stings and bites from insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets, swelling in the mouth and throat can block the airwaves making breathing difficult. If this happens to you or someone nearby then an ambulance needs to be contacted immediately. Stings in the mouth are extremely unpleasant and usually occur when a wasp has landed in a drink and swallowed.

Wasptec provide wasp nest removal in surrey and local postcodes.

Always pour drinks from a can or a bottle into a glass, especially in pub gardens where wasps will collect, they can very easily slip into the drink without you knowing. Wasps are similar to flies and will cross contaminate so also go careful with foods outside.

Wasp Nest Removal Coulsdon

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